Our manicure services range from basic manicures to our Strawberry Signature Gel Manicure. We guarantee the gel color staying for two weeks. We also provide nail enhancements and many other additional services.


Basic Manicure


Buff & Shine Manicure


Gel Manicure


Dipping Powder Color Manicure


Strawberry Signature Gel Manicure


The ultimate solution to damaged, cracked, or weak nature nails. We guarantee the gel color staying for two weeks.

Regular Spa Manicure


With a Dead Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Moisture Mask, and Massage Cream. A luxuriant, revitalizing and soothing systems exfoliate, refine and moisturize hands.

Nail Enhancement


Full Set 


Dipping Powder Acrylic



Dipping Powder Pink & White



UV Hard Gel



Additional Services

American / French / Design


Cut Down




Acrylic Removal


Polish Change

Hand $6 

Toe $ 10



We offer express and regular pedicures. Our spa pedicure offerings include a regular spa pedicure, our signature Strawberry spa pedicure, a Marine spa pedicure, a Bodipure spa pedicure, and a Purissima spa pedicure


Express Pedicure


Regular Pedicure


Spa Pedicure

Regular Spa Pedicure


A relaxing spa treatment to nourish and hydrate your feet and legs, followed by a calming oil and hot stone massage for 15 minutes. A Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Moisture Mask, Massage Cream, and Callus removal are all included in spa treatment. We use remarkable organic products of your choice to make your spa experience extraordinary. (40-50 minutes)

Strawberry Signature Spa Pedicure.


The ultimate spa pedicure experience with 25 minute massage. This luxurious spa healing treatment was created for the well-being of your feet and legs. In addition to our spa pedicure, we stimulate your feet and legs with a hot towel and Paraffin treatment. Your feet are covered with heated beauty booties to retain warmth, which will invigorate, smoothen, and soften tired and aching feet. (55-65 minutes).

CND Marine Spa Pedicure


Marine SPAPEDICURE(R) products soothe tired soles like nothing else. Dip your toes into these products tp experience pure, ocean-inspired bliss for your feet. Stimulate your senses with 25 minute massage and Paraffin treatment. (55-65 minutes)

Bodipure Spa Pedicure


For Anti-Aging, Purifying, Hydrating, Softening, Brightening, and much more. Bodipure Spa pedicure offers a variety pf solution-specific treatments for maintenance or specialized treatments. Stimulate your senses with a 25 minute massage and Paraffin treatment. (55-65 minutes)

Choose from: Eucalyptus Spa /Peppermint Spa /Silky Milk Spa /Green Tea Spa

Purissima Spa Pedicure


Purissma is a professional and organic foot care treatment that provides relaxation and promotes well-being. Stress and lack of excercise cause poor blood circulation, increasing metabolic degradation and waste matter accumulation in the body. Our Purissma treatment is fortified with plant extracts and essential oils to help improve blood circulation and also relieve chronic stress and exhaustion, leading to a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. Stimulate your senses with a 30 minute massage and Paraffin treatment. (60-70 minutes)


Our waxing products are of the highest quality. These high quality products combined with the right technique helps remove hair in the gentlest way possible. Look and feel better after waxing your sensitive skin.










Full Face


Under Arm


Half Arm


Full Arm


Half Leg


Full Leg








*Price subject to change without notice